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Creative Works and Collaborations...

White Brush Strokes


Lisa O'Connor

Lisa is an Artist based in Canberra, Australia. She has worked both professionally as a digital artist and also with more classical forms of fine art for private and community-based work since 1993.  Lisa continues to be inspired by classical and cross-cultural themes that are applied and contemporary in expression. She is inspired by the diversity of expression, movement, and forms that can be found within dharma, culture, community and collaborative space and action. Work by Altitude Studio1 is currently being published and exhibited. Commission pieces, digital design and collaborative works are also available. Look at the blog or get in touch to find out more about current works.


Recent Works & Collaborations and Upcoming Events

Wellbeing Magazine, Nov 2018, Special Goddess issue.

Swagger at 'Yes Fest' Nov 18.

Artist Holding a Paintbrush
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